On August 26, 27 and 28, 2005, Rob Sanzo recorded THE 3TARDS Crystal Balls CD at his Signal To Noise studio in downtown Toronto. He'll never be the same again!

Rob's not quite sure what he's in for...

Sanzo pretends to be working...

Cousin Scott gets MANRAPED by John Tard!

John Tard and Gus Tard hang on for dear life on the fire escape of death!

Somebody's gonna get it OVER THE TOP!

Johnny's cool, but not as cool as Jimi

As you can see, Sanzo is starting to crack!

Mike Tard looks like he's had just about enough Red Bull!

On September 7, 2005 we returned to Signal To Noise so John Tard could do his vocals and the rest of us could record our backups. You can imagine how happy Sanzo was to see us!

Preston at his absolute happiest - have you ever seen a guy look so enthusiastic?

What band am I in again?

Fox Tard sang for 30 seconds and had two heart attacks, and he's the youngest guy in the band!

Mike Tard tries very hard to listen to his Nana Mouskouri record, but Gus and Fox keep making too much noise

Okay Rob, we get it, you're "working"

Isn't true love a beautiful thing?

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